Bruder Konrad
Bruder Konrad von Parzham
Der heilige Kapuziner an der Klosterpforte von Altötting

Holy Brother Konrad

All those, who from religious motives visit Altötting, the famous place of pilgrimage, know of two sanctuaries which are both dear to all. One of them is the holy chapel with the miraculous image of Our Blessed Lady, the other the church of the Capuchin Friars called St. Konrad, (until 1953 known as the church dedicated to St. Anna), with its shrine containing the reliquary of Holy Brother Konrad. Adjacent to this church is the monastery. Here St. Konrad was in charge of the monastery-gate for 41 years, until his death in 1894. Here he spent his life as al Capuchin monk in prayer, and an untold number of visitors and pilgrims came to know him in his capacity of doorkeeper, as someone, who lived very close to God and was at the same time a true friend of mankind. Pope John Paul II on his first visit to Germany in 1980 also came to Altötting, and onn this occasion he visited the church of St. Konrad in order to pray at the shrine of the Saint. Who was St. Konrad and what has made him so great in the eyes of God as well as those of mankind?

If you are interested on the life of Brother Konrad, read the booklet, which you can download here.


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